Training for volunteers of Red Cross.

Elder people sometimes say that present youth is hard-hearted, do not want to help one's neighbour, do not want to change the world to the best. I do not agree, responsive youth exist! And this youth is the future of our country, and not only of ours.

Because the young people that we met had the eyes that radiated light cutting the darkness of indifference!

 We were invited to organize the training for volunteers of Red Cross.

The main topics were “How to increase the effectiveness of volunteers’ work with orphans?”. And also other important question which is faced by all the people who contact disabled persons – “Peculiarities of communication with handicapped persons”.

 During the training due to simulated situations volunteers got the feel of whom they want to help. Yes, they really got the feel, it was not just a play! Volunteers could feel all the difficulties which are faced by handicapped orphans in everyday life. Listeners showed a great interest in discussed topics. But the main important thing is that after the training volunteers will practice obtained knowledge.

Volunteers are people of good will that are capable to change the world to the best!

During the meeting we also used the materials of our volunteer’s lesson (Tatiana Starovoytova) – “Disability is not a sentence”.

We are grateful to Kharkiv organization of Red Cross for having organized this meeting, especially to Vasiltsova Vlada and Nataliya Vasilook.


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