Our meeting with children from "Garmonia" shelter.

Along with a group of teachers from Canada, we visited children from the orphanage "Harmony". Our Canadian guests sang songs accompanied by a guitar, and taught the kids some interesting childrens' songs in English.

Later we visited a group of the youngest children. No matter how many times I speak with orphaned children, my heart is always torn into pieces and my mind refuses to understand how on earth anyone can abandon such little ones?

In the cozy yard of the orphanage we were talking with the kids for a long time. The guests asked about the children's life and listened excitedly to their answers. The children also asked questions of the guests from Canada. We were talking for quite a long time and did not want to say goodbye. The kids invited the guests from faraway Canada to visit again when they return to Ukraine. Looking at the Canadians communicating with our children, we noticed that in spite of many differences, we have much in common with them.

I think that now the Canadian teachers will be connected with Ukraine not only through relatives, but also by the memories about the orphaned children they met. I am sure that for these kids, this meeting will remain a bright memory for them as well.

Of course, all the children received gifts, but the most valuable gift was the communication they shared with us that day.

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